Abandoned Scotland: St. Peter's Seminary

We publish today the first article of "Abandoned Scotland", a passionate team of urban esploration that undertake a very interesting journey to discover hidden and abbandoned places or off-limits zone in the beautiful Scotland. For those who want to know the urban exploration of Abandoned Scotland, this is their blog, rich of photos and videos: www.abandonedscotland.com.

Well it was back in March 2011 that we decided to visit St. Peter’s Seminary, since then an arts group called the NVA have made plans to renovate it and have the existing buildings back in use for art exhibitions and education. It will be interesting to see how it turns out with it’s new lease of life. In the meantime here is the video from our visit:

St Peter's Seminary was built in 1966 and is situated in dense woodland to the north of Cardross. IT was supposed to house up to 100 students, training to be catholic priests however never reached its full capacity. Due to maintenance problems the building fell into disrepair and was abandoned.
Its present state is a sorry sight, however surprisingly the building is listed Category A, which is the highest level of protection for a building. Nearly all parts of the building which are not made of concrete have been destroyed by vandals and the weather.

St Peter's Seminary - Cardross
This is what remains of the students bedrooms. This one is one of the few remaining with what could pass as an intact floor.

St Peter's Seminary - Cardross
The main hall of the Seminary.

Item of Abandoned Scotland - www.abandonedscotland.com -

Photos on flickr: St. Peter's Seminary.

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