Abandoned Scotland: Glasgow Botanic Gardens Station

Botanic Gardens Train Station

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We visited the underground station in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow as one of our first explores, for most of us it was the first time we had been inside an abandoned railway tunnel. I think we all feel this was the best railway tunnel that we’ve been down in Scotland so far and it would take quite a bit to top it. 

The Botanic Gardens Station, Glasgow, was built 1896 and was part of the line which connected Stobcross with other forgotten stations in the Partick area and beyond. The station was the first on the line to close in 1939 and lies abandoned to this day. After its original closure the station building was converted into shops and was later a nightclub before it was destroyed by fire in 1970. Nothing remains of the building and the only evidence of the station's existance is the ventilation shafts visible from ground level within the Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Gardens Train Station

Botanic Gardens Train Station - 37

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