Abandoned Scotland: Hospital Hartwood

After going to another location which wasn’t as successful we decided to visit the abandoned hospital in Hartwood. The remains of Hartwood Hospital, an 19th century psychiatric hospital with imposing twin clock towers, are the main feature of the village, even after its closure under the direction of the Lanarkshire Health Board in 1998. Like many other Victorian institutions in the area such as Gartloch Hospital, Stonyetts, Lennox Castle and Kirklands, the inception of the Community Care Act (1990) gave rise to a more community-based focus for long-term mental health care, and the consequent closure of long-term psychiatric hospitals.
The original hospital was overseen by Dr Archibald Campbell Clark, the medical superintendent, and was involved with the inception of modern psychiatric therapies such as occupational therapy, ECT and industrial involvement. In the hospital style of the time, Hartwood was entirely self-sustaining, with its own farm, gardens, reservoir, graveyard, staff houses, etc.
Walking around the grounds was very eerie and the weather was almost perfect for visiting an abandoned place. It was also the first time I had been out with my new camera, the Canon 600d which is a really great camera and I think have added to the overall quality of the videos.

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