How to visit Balestrino

Balestrino is situated in the inland of Liguria, in the province of Savona. The nearest tourist locality is Loano, which is on the coast, about 2 kilometers from Balestrino. It offers a great variety of hotels, bed & breakfast and restaurants, as well as some of the best beach facilities of the entire Liguria's coast. If You are coming from Genova, the nearest airport, you must take the A10 highway toward Ventimiglia, and take the exit to Borghetto Santo Spirito (another lovely village with a beautiful beach), then follw the indications to Toirano (place of the world-famous Caves of Toirano), and after a couple of kilometers take the SP34 toward Balestrino. Liguria is also near to the Cote d'Azur in France, and Montecarlo. If You are coming from there, simply take the A8 or A10 higway toward Montecarlo / Italy, cross the state border (there are no customs between France and Italy) and then follow for Savona / Genova and take the exit to Borghetto Santo Spirito.
The inhabitated part of Balestrino offers some interesting restaurants. We recommend "La Greppia", that offers great typical Ligurian food, at very good prices. To visit the abandoned village, ask somebody of the "Associazione Amici del Borgo" ("Village's Friends Society"), or Carlo Ismarro, of the tourist office, or the Mayor, who can be found at "La Greppia" restaurant. They have some great stories to tell about the village.

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