The Church of Atom road trip

From today we start to follow the project and the adventure of our friends of Tennessee, USA. The passion for the urban exploration and recovery of the memory of some of the most beautiful forgot places of their State, take them to create a close group with a great desire to travel and explore the wastelands. We follow their journey and publish their stories on our website. This group is The Church of Atom:
We are The Church of Atom. We have been brought together through our passion of history, urban exploration, and travel. Our goal is to see as much as this world has to offer and document it for future generations. We as a society are destroying beautiful pieces of history all over the world to make way for the new. We are losing a part our of culture every time a building gets torn down. We want to make sure we never forget where we came from. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. 
This summer we will doing a cross country road trip to document some of the best this country has to offer. We will see new sites, meet new people, which will all work together to create an unforgettable experience for everyone. We will have articles and film clips for you, as well as a full length film for it. Please join us as we make this journey together.
This is the road trip of Church of Atom:

You can follow The Church of Atom on their facebook page and their Tumblr Page.

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