The fake Russian ghost town

Looking these photos feels like being suddenly thrown in a suggestive ghost town, maybe destroyed by a terrible bombing. But that’s not the case… 
These incredible half-destroyed buildings aren’t but a wonderful set made by a Russian film studio, “Mosfilm”, for a movie taking place during World War II. They certainly look impressive and extremely lifelike.

Mosfilm is one of the oldest and most productive studios in Europe. Some of the greatest Soviet directors worked for this studio, like Andrej Tarkovskij and Sergej Ėjzenštejn, creating among the best film produced in the URSS, like War and Peace and Dersu Uzala. Mosfilm was founded in Moscow in 1920 but was established in November 1923. The first film produced by the company was Boris Michin’s On the wings skyward. A second film studio complex was built in 1927 in Sparrow Hills, later named “Moscow amalgamated factory Sojuzkino the Tenth Anniversary of the October” in memory of the October Revolution. Only in 1936 was it renamed Mosfilm. When the URSS dissolved, the studio counted more than 3.000 films produced, but from then on it slowed down its pace until it basically became a private company. 
Today this incredible set (which you can see in the image gallery in our website) is occasionally visited by tourists coming to admire these evocative deserted roads and take some photos…

For further information you may find the Mosfilm official website here: Mosfilm.

Translation by Marco Salvadori

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