Lost jurneys: Rubjerg Knude, The Sands Lighthouse

Rubjerg Knude is an unusual and unknown destination, but surely it doesn’t lack of fascination and mystery. Even if from the pictures it can seem a mirage in the desert, or the creation of some artist’s fantasy, this abandoned place exists for real. 

The Rubjerd Knude in fact is situated on the coast of the North Sea, in Jutland, Denmark.
Its construction began in 1899 and it’s been lit for the first time the December 27 of 1900. The lighthouse, which stands 60 meters on the sea level, on a cliff in the city of Lønstrup, has operated with gas until 1908. The shifting sands and the strong coastal erosion, caused its closedown the August 1st of 1968. The coast, in fact, is eroded on the average of 1,5 meters every year, and the dunes shift of 9 meters per year.
From the day of its shutdown, the lighthouse and the surrounding buildings have been used for some time as a museum and a cafeteria, but the continuous movement of the sands, and the disastrous effect of erosion, caused the final abandonment in 2002. Today, the surrounding buildings, damaged by the continuous pressure of the sand, have been removed, while the lighthouse still resists to the strength of the wind, although it’s estimated that soon it will be completely submerged by the sand.

A magical and enchanting place, where you can stop perceiving the time, which here is defined only by the perpetual movement of the sands modelled by the wind. The Sands Lighthouse, which by now has it’s days numbered before being completely submerged, it’s a destination of undoubted charm for who is going to discover the beautiful Danish territory, and it’s easily accessible. In this site, you can find some handful informations: Rubjerg Knude kultur-og Naturhistorie.

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(Translation by Alessandro Zanchi

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